Project Eternity Kickstarter passes $3.4m mark to become the biggest Kickstarter game project ever

There's fifteen hours left on the clock, but Project Eternity is already the most funded game ever to grace Kickstarter. There's currently $3,415,388 in the donation pot, which means Obsidian have narrowly edged past former Kickstarter champions, Double Fine, who raised $3,336,371.

Only one stretch goal remains for Project Eternity, and at this rate they'll probably reach that, too. All that's left to do is shake up the bubbly and wait for the countdown timer to expire.

Update: It's passed $3.5 million! Ten hours to go

For moving Eternity so far past its initial $1.1m goal, Obsidian promise player-run strongholds, a mega-city on the scale of Baldur's Gate (there will be TWO mega-cities if they reach $3.5 in funding), extra classes, more game modes, companions, crafting and more. They're also adding a mega dungeon that has expanded in size based on donations to Kickstarter and likes on Facebook. According to a tweet from Obsidian yesterday, that dungeon will be 9 levels deep.

See the full list on the Project Eternity Kickstarter page . For a run-down of what to expect from the finished article, here's everything we know so far about Project Eternity.

In spin-off Kickstarter news, RPS highlight a dramatic last minute turnaround for Roguelike Sword of Fargoal 2 , who scraped past their $50,000 by just $151. A subsequent tweet from Madgarden's Paul Pridham thanked Obsidian for "rallying for Fargoal" in the final minutes.

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