Fall Guys sells 7 million copies on Steam

(Image credit: Mediatonic)
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Fall Guys (opens in new tab) has sold 7 million copies on Steam, publisher Devolver Digital announced today on Twitter (opens in new tab). The (mostly) non-violent take on battle royale was already Devolver Digital's biggest launch ever (opens in new tab), but that was weeks ago at this point. 

Developer Mediatonic is well-established, having published quite a few games over the years, but it's pretty safe to say that Fall Guys is also its most successful game. 

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We've seen a lot of positive reactions to Fall Guys here at PC Gamer, and our staff is pretty obsessed too. We were inspired to do things like rank every Fall Guys game mode (opens in new tab) and do a pseudo-sociological study on the types of Fall Guys (opens in new tab). Our review (opens in new tab) called Fall Guys "an exceedingly cute yet still occasionally tense party royale." 

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