Fall Guys Season 2 is out now, with new rounds, costumes and playlists

With the launch of Fall Guys Season 2, Mediatonic's masochistic beans have been flung back to the medieval era—back to a time when beans had to besiege fortresses and, yes, steal more eggs. It's out now. 

The second season brings with it a quartet of new rounds, including a race through a medieval obstacle course featuring the unfortunately named 'Thicc Bonkus', and another where you'll have to work together to move blocks around to scale a fortress. 

Everyone's got rounds they love and rounds they loathe—Chris ranked the lot of them—so Season 2 lets you select themed playlists. At the moment, the only options are the original full playlist or a gauntlet playlist, but I expect more will be added in the future.

There are new costumes too, naturally, letting you drape dragon skin and wizard robes over yourself, and if you can't make up your mind, the random costume generator will rummage around your wardrobe and pick something. 

Take a look at the official patch notes:

  • The Show Selector - Time-limited shows give players new ways to enjoy their favourite round types by selecting which show they want to play
  • Nameplates - Mix and match customizable banners and nameplates to compliment your Fall Guy's attire
  • Random Outfit Generator - Press triangle [on PS4] on the customiser screen until you get a combination of items you like
  • See your party members fall alongside you whilst waiting for matchmaking to complete
  • Fall Guys now have more responsive mantling up ledges
  • Visual updates to many levels
  • Knight Fever - Our hardest gauntlet level yet
  • Wall Guys - Cooperate with other players to traverse castle walls
  • Egg Siege - A brand new Egg Scramble map with moving drawbridges
  • Hoopsie Legends - A solo Hoopsie round with moveable blocks
  • New customisation options - Costumes, faceplates, colour palettes, emotes and celebrations
  • Base PS4 FPS should be much better now (60 rather than 30)
  • Lots of the top crashes should be resolved in this build
  • Many bug fixes and optimisations
Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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