Faeria is the next free Epic Game Store game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez are available now

(Image credit: Warhorse Studios)

The latest batch of freebies on Epic Game Store is now available, letting you grab Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Atzetz for the princely sum of $0/£0.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a historical first-person RPG set in medieval Bohemia. I haven't played it since it launched in 2018, but at the time it was a fine, if buggy, take on medieval life. Andy Kelly really liked it, though, and it's since expanded with comprehensive mod support and multiple expansions—although the latter aren't included as part of the giveaway.

The second game is Aztez, an indie mashup of beat 'em ups and turn-based strategy. Another historical game, this one is set in the Aztec empire in the 15th century. With a really cool Mad World-y art style and chaotic, strategic combat, it's by far the more interesting of the two titles.

Epic has also announced the next game to be given away in its relentless march of giving you every game ever created: Faeria. While Faeria superficially looks like Hearthstone in a lot of respects, its big hook is that you control and manipulate the board itself by placing various lands and carefully positioning your units.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez will be available until February 20, at which point Faeria will be free instead.