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Explore the City of Glass with Mirror's Edge Catalyst's interactive map

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EA has released an interactive, 3D map of the City of Glass (opens in new tab) to help you plan your selfie spots in time for Mirror's Edge Catalyst (opens in new tab). Beta has been and gone (opens in new tab) and Samuel has raved about his hands-on (opens in new tab) (apart from the story, of course), but neither conveyed the full scale of the climbing frame Dice has constructed.

Anchor is the only district to have had its particulars marked on the map so far. It's a celebration of captalism, mostly nightclubs and malls under construction, plus the odd telecoms giant for good measure. 

I'm intrigued by the sole subterranean section to be revealed. I enjoyed the panic and snap thinking provoked by Mirror's Edge's sewer level, and though the interior settings needed some pruning, a little variety is good to see. Judging by the vast area still to be details, variety ought not to be a problem.