Experimental Game Pack 01 now available, offers over 30 new games for $15

Is the game pack you're looking at experimental? Don't panic, there are ways to tell. For instance: does it include games with names like "gamespaceSpacegame", "IZL△GS", or "Golden Age: Moths". If so, then yes, it's experimental. Of course, there was another hint: it's named the Experimental Game Pack 01 , and contains over 30 games originally commissioned for LA Game Space's Kickstarter .

More accurately, it contains the promise of over 30 games. Buying the bundle grants immediate access to 23 of the games, with another 10 due to arrive as their creators finish them.

Here is why you should care. The pack contains new games from the creators of Katamari Damacy, Hotline Miami, Kentucky Route Zero, QWOP, and goddam Adventure Time . It also has Arcane Kids next project, Perfect Stride .

Experimental Game Pack 01 will be available for the next 9-and-a-bit days, after which it'll be gone, forever . You can grab it from here , for $15.

Phil Savage

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