Exclusive video reveal of new Heroes of Newerth hero, Aluna


The 75th hero is making her way into Heroes of Newerth's battlefield tonight! Aluna is a ranged intelligence carry with ganking capabilities--essentially a sneaky little magic user that excels at thwarting defenses and killing her target, no matter how hard you try to stop her. Read on for ability highlights and a 5 minute walkthrough video.

Here's a sneak peek at some of her abilities:

  • Her Emerald Lightning Spell bounces between units, stealing attack speed and stunning the targets. The ultimate version stuns the targets longer and the final unit hit is stunned for twice as long
  • The Power Throw lets Aluna throw her weapon hitting enemies in a straight line. But when the ultimate is activated, it becomes a global attack striking a specific enemy anywhere on the map.
  • Aluna's Deja Vu attack increases her movement speed while creating shadow versions of herself, hopefully tricking the enemy into being unsure which is the real version and which is the dummy. It can be used three times and the option of teleporting back from where you came is available. The ultimate slows all enemies in the path of your shadow for a few seconds.

And a little more backstory and gameplay description:

  • She's a shamanistic fighter that channels the energy of the earth for strength and healing.
  • She carries the power of the freakin' moon in a mystical gem, and can harness its gravitational pull to float in the air.
  • When her gem is fully charged, she (like Wonder Woman) has "the strength of 10 men" and is able to summon her Macana Stick--the medicine doctor's rain stick-esque weapon seen in the video

Sounds fun? Aluna will be available for all players tonight at 6 PM PST!