Exclusive look at LEGO Universe's holiday zone


I thoroughly enjoy playing LEGO Universe, the trouble was that I ran out of things to do too quickly due to its tiny pool of content. But I have to give NetDevil credit: in the past month since LU launched, they've been cranking out new content like crazy! Frostburgh, the holiday-only snow zone that we got the exclusive first look at earlier this week, is the fourth new zone added to the game in as many weeks since it's launch. Read on for full details and a video.

Frostburgh is a comet-turned-winter-wonderland populated by festively-named folks like Sneezy Icewhisker, Sugarplum Fritz, Peppermint Lane and Hansel Tinsel. New quests will be available to complete every day for the the 30 days of the "Frostivus" season, with plenty of unique collectibles like candy canes, presents, and a tamable reindeer pet for players to snag while it's around.

Players less inclined to friendly hugging and present-swapping can keep their competitive juices flowing with snowball fights, gingerbread house-building contests, and new themes for the existing race tracks that cover the courses with snow and evil snowmen.

Or if none of that stuff sounds exciting to you, you could aways just head on over to dance with penguins, like the dude in this video.