Excellent PlayStation roguelike Returnal is coming to PC

Returnal PC
(Image credit: Sony)

Returnal popped up in the Nvidia database leak last year. It popped up in the Steam database over the summer, and screenshots of its settings leaked online. It was just a matter of time, but it's been quite a wait. And now, finally, it's official: the PlayStation 5 exclusive roguelike shooter is on its way to PC, exclusive no more.

Sony announced Returnal's PC port during tonight's Game Awards with a short trailer, with host Sydnee Goodman adding that it'll be out in early 2023.

Returnal is a third-person shooter with combat that pulls from bullet hell shmups, with enemies firing big globs of glowing, spherical bullets hurling their way towards you in set patterns. It always struck me as a game better suited to a mouse and keyboard than a controller; sounds like we'll know if I was right within just a couple months.

Sony added some scant details and screenshots about the PC port on the PlayStation Blog, stating that "the bells and whistles are there... including the relentless challenge of the Tower of Sisyphus and online co-op mode."

(Image credit: Sony)

(Image credit: Sony)

(Image credit: Sony)
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