Returnal could be the next PlayStation exclusive heading to PC

Selene in Returnal.
(Image credit: Housemarque)

Housemarque's Returnal could be the next PlayStation exclusive to make its way over to PC if a mysterious Steam listing is anything to go by.

The entry popped up on SteamDB early this morning (May 26), sporting the codename Oregon (thanks, GamesRadar). While it can't be 100% confirmed that this is indeed Returnal, some pretty big clues point towards it being the most likely scenario. 

The changelist shows tags such as bullet hell, sci-fi, female protagonist and roguelike—pretty much summarising what Returnal is. More convincingly, there are localisation entries relating to the Tower of Sisyphus, Atropos and Helios. The first two are areas in the game, with the latter being the name of a ship.

It's always best to never put too much stock into rumours and speculation, but the evidence seems pretty strong here. Add to that the massive Nvidia GeForce leak which spilt the beans on a ton of upcoming PC games—one of which being Returnal—and it seems increasingly likely. 

We've been getting a steady stream of PlayStation exclusives heading over to Steam and the Epic Games Store, with Sony boss Jim Ryan promising "a whole slate" of games getting ported over. The developer-slash-publisher also hopes to have around a quarter of its games on PC by 2025 and expects to earn a staggering $300 million from PC game sales over the next year.

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