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Evoland 2 expands scope to feature all of the genres

Evoland 2

The original Evoland charted the evolution of console RPGs, beginning as spritely 8-bit adventure and touching on the SNES, Playstation, and 3D, sorta-mobile-looking eras as it hurtled forwards through time. Evoland 2, announced with the following trailer, expands the scope considerably. There's a fighting game bit! A scrolling shmup section! Platforming! MGS-style hiding-in-a-box stealth!

All that and a "much bigger game", with a "complex scenario based on time travel, dozens of characters with their own backgrounds and ambitions and vastly different gameplay styles that are linked to the story and the player’s actions", according to developers Shiro Games. They might misuse the words "spiritual sequel" on Evoland's website—this being an actual sequel an' all—but I'll forgive them, as they obviously have a lot to think about, juggling all those disparate genres.

Evoland II: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder is out this Summer, and it will set you back £14.99/€19.99/$19.99.