Evil Genius 2 has a dodo that teaches you science

Evil Genius 2 Dodo
(Image credit: Rebellion)

In a new devlog, Rebellion has detailed their upcoming lair builder's new World Domination mode. This time, there's more to keep an eye on than just your base. Instead, Evil Genius 2 wants to give you the feeling of actual world domination by letting you establish global operations. You can send your minions to places far and wide to set up a criminal network for you, collect gold and complete objectives. The world is not going to let you merrily dominate it, however—the forces of good can launch counter attacks if you overdo your scheming, and even unleash "super agents" to take care of you.

Minions can now also find and deliver loot, which will offer unique buffs apart from just making your lair more dashing. It looks like Rebellion simply couldn't keep the best piece of loot under wraps any longer—a dodo. Every evil genius needs a dodo, of course, not only because they are quite majestic, but also because their smarts allowed them to survive for millions of years. At least that what Rebellion reckons. Yes, these are both attributes we know about dodos, absolutely. Once retrieved, the dodo will sit on a "mortarboard" to help your minions study, increasing their science skill. The dodo is a science teacher, I repeat, the dodo is a science teacher.

Rebellion also revealed that Evil Genuis 2 will come with three different islands to build your lair on, each with their unique advantages (and presumably disadvantages), and that scenarios will change according to which of the four evil geniuses you play. 

If all this has your inner evil genius excited, check out Jon Bolding's detailed Evil Genius 2 preview for more. Evil Genius 2 releases on Steam sometime in 2021.