EVGA's DG-8 full tower gaming cases available for pre-order at discounted prices

EVGA is best known for its graphics cards and power supplies, but it also dabbles in cases—you might recall the Hadron Air and Hadron Hydro, a pair of small form factor enclosures for mini-ITX motherboards. If building small isn't your thing, EVGA has now begun taking pre-orders for its DG-8 line of full-tower cases for gamers.

The DG-8 series is designed to keep your graphics cards cool with an optimized airflow path that blows right over your GPUs. These cases also sport a built-in fan controller and temperature controller, along with removable fan filters to keep dirt and dust from cutting the party short.

There are four different models in the DG-8 line. They include the top of the line DG-87 followed by the DG-86, DG-85, and DG-84. All but the DG-84 have a side window. Other differences amount to the number of drives they can hold and I/O ports. Both the DG-87 and DG-86 support up to a dozen drives, all of which can used to install 2.5-inch SSDs (up to eight of them support 3.5-inch HDDs). They also have two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, HDMI, and dedicated headphone and microphone ports on the front panel.

The DG-85 and DG-84 tone things down a bit by omitting the USB 3.1 Type-C port and reducing the number of storage drives to four, two of which support 3.5-inch HDDs. They also lack a fan controller and come with fewer fans.

EVGA designed the DG-8 series in such a way that the side panel is supposed to be oriented towards the front Sitting underneath is the aforementioned I/O panel and built-in fan controller. It's a neat design, albeit one with a larger horizontal footprint than most cases. Here's a 360-degree look:

Also somewhat unique to these cases is a K-Boost button that overclocks your GPU(s) and CPU. Other features include completely removable PCI-E brackets, an easily removable door, a segmented PSU tray to hide cables, and cable cutouts to route your wires.

All four cases are available to pre-order at a $50 discount from their MSRPs. That puts pre-ordering pricing at $180 for the DG-87, $150 for the DG-86, $120 for the DG-85, and $100 for the DG-84.

Paul Lilly

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