EVGA is enlisting customers to peddle its products for a kickback in store bucks

EVGA is encouraging its Elite members to sign up for its new "EVGA Associates" program, which allows them to spread discounts for EVGA gear to others and receive a percentage of the sale back, in EVGA Bucks.

"First, share your Associate Code with someone interested in purchasing an EVGA product. Next, once they get to EVGA.com, they will need to make a purchase from one of the Product Types listed on the Dashboard. Finally, the buyer must use your Associate Code during checkout to receive the discount," EVGA explains.

Buyers stand to save 5 percent on graphics cards and motherboards, and 10 percent on everything else that qualifies for the program (audio gear, cases, cooling, and power supplies).

Likewise, EVGA Associates receive 3 percent of the purchase amount for graphics cards and motherboards that referrals buy, and 5 percent for the rest. Of course, EVGA Bucks can only be used at EVGA.

The rewards program is only open to Elite members. There are three ways to become one—purchase and register at least one qualifying graphics card, register at least two qualifying EVGA products of any kind from the past 12 months, or rack up at least 100 posts in EVGA's forums. To qualify based on a past purchase, you have to be the original owner.

If you're interested, follow this link for more details and/or to sign up.

Paul Lilly

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