Everyone is sus in this cute, paranoia-inducing Among Us song

Nerd parody music group, The Chalkeaters, released a new music video today, "A Songus Amongus" celebrating the indie hit, Among Us. The group is the latest in a long line of voices declaring for all to hear that things are "sus," that they see developer InnerSloth's little space man everywhere, and other things of that nature.

Whether you play it or not, Among Us has joined Fortnite and Five Nights at Freddy's in the pantheon of Games for Nephews, Baby Cousins, and Little Brothers. I just want to be left alone with my immersive sims and CRPGs like the weird old man I am, but everything is "sus" now, and kids are finding the game's little space men in innocuous everyday objects like someone's grandma seeing Jesus' face in toast. I'm with what isn't it and what is it seems weird and scary.

Indeed, I found my sense of paranoia around this youth phenomenon (itself about paranoia) reflected in the video for "A Songus Amongus." In a world where everything is "sus," what can one put their faith in anymore? The Chalkeaters' protagonist is haunted by "Amogus," much as I am, catching glimpses of the game's implacable little space men everywhere from a chicken nuggie to the written form of Sinhalese, one of the official languages of Sri Lanka.

It's a really cute music video, is what I'm saying, just kinda nice. It reminds me of the Harry Partridge Skyrim songs from way back in 2011, real cheeky and sincere and a good laugh. I definitely appreciated the genre switchups in "A Songus Amongus," you've got the pop-y throughline but also a more funky dance section and some metal thrown in as well. If you're interested in more from the Chalkeaters, like an ode to Animal Crossing and Doom crossing over, you can check out their YouTube channel and Patreon.

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