Every Destiny 2 Season of Opulence exotic we've seen so far

The Season of Opulence is live! Instead of actually playing the season the first thing we did was go digging into the Eververse store and the Collections tab to pull out all of the Season of Opulence exotic items. What can I say, we love loot.

Of course there will be more exotics revealed as they are discovered (particularly weapons) and who knows, maybe some combination of the new chalice gems will unlock them. Until then peruse the selection below, and enjoy Bungie's obsession with very weird ships this season. Personally I like the elemental ghost shells. You can't see in these stills, but the Gyro Shell and the PS-1 Shell have spinning outer carapaces which look very good. Let's start with the most important new exotics: the armour pieces.

For more on Season of Opulence, here's our guide to watching the raid race, and our guide to power levelling. You can see the latest Destiny 2 patch notes here too.

Exotic armour

Exotic ghost shells

Exotic ships

Exotic sparrows

Eververse seasonal sets

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