Even gaming mice are getting the ‘limited edition’ treatment these days

(Image credit: Mad Catz)

You could practically build an entire PC using only anniversary edition parts, which now includes a mouse from Mad Catz. In celebration of 30 years of gaming, the company is offering a limited run of its R.A.T. 8+ 1000 optical gaming mouse with a unique color scheme.

What makes this version stand out from the regular R.A.T. 8+ lineup is strictly aesthetic. Limited to just 1,000 units, the 30th anniversary model sports a "stunning matte black and brushed chrome design, with gold color detailing," which Mad Catz says is "sure to turn the heads of all who play."

You probably shouldn't turn your head when playing, though, at least not to ogle your rodent—that's a surefire way to lower your KD ratio. Instead, Mad Catz is also providing "premium collector's packaging." You know, in case you're interested in "displaying the R.A.T. in style when not in use."

I've never felt compelled to put my mouse on a mantle when turning off my PC, but if that's your thing, I won't judge.

Beyond the gimmicky marketing angle, the R.A.T. 8+ is a generally well-received mouse. Like the regular version, the limited edition variant uses the Pixart PMW 3389 sensor with a 16,000 dpi and 50G acceleration. It also sports 11 programmable buttons, three removable 6g weights, and three independent RGB lighting zones.

Mad Catz didn't say how much the limited edition model will cost, only that it will arrive sometime this summer across North and South America, and select European territories.

Paul Lilly

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