Eve Online: Citadel gets a riotous cinematic trailer

Citadel eve

The hotly awaited Citadel expansion for Eve Online can now been seen in motion. Well, cinematic motion, and whether or not you're an Eve fan, I hope we can agree that that's a smashing piece of cathartic sci-fi about ruining everyone else's day.

Citadel brings player-run space fortresses to Eve this spring. They serve as trading posts, hangars and defensive outposts—the largest can comfortably dock super-capitals for the low price of 120 billion ISK. Naturally you'll want a return on your investment, so you can assign permissions and, more importantly, tax anything that floats through its bulkhead doors. For more tech specs on the best in space castles, see the feature tour below.

Once a week, they become vulnerable to attack as the citadel enters a recalibration period. The larger the citadel, the wider the window, and that applies everywhere, be it High Sec or lawless space.

It's almost as if CCP planned to throw threatening territorial infrastructure into the mix just as war is ravaging every corner of Eve.