Euro Truck Simulator 2 update adds three new cities and, finally, seat adjustment

Unironic truck driving game Euro Truck Simulator 2 now has three new European cities to drive to and away from. Venice, Graz and Klagenfurt are now feasible destinations thanks to update 1.11, which also introduces a range of other new features and fixes. For example: you can now adjust your seat. It's possible to adjust your seat in real world trucks, so it's about time this was reflected in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

There's more of course. Car AI code has been tweaked extensively, there are new cruise control features, the radio player now has sorting and filtering options, while the user-interface has been given a significant overhaul. Here's a list of the major changes, with the full changelog available on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 website . The update is available right now.

  • 3 new cities: Venice, Graz, and Klagenfurt with a lot of new kilometers to explore

  • Seat Adjustment feature

  • Several months of tweaks of car AI code

  • Re-designed radio player for with additional sorting and filtering options

  • New Cruise control features

  • Displaying current road speed limit in Route Advisor (disable, or switch car or truck speciefic limits in options)

  • Complete UI facelift

  • Support for sway bar simulation

  • Refined the truck suspension for more control over truck and trailer stability

  • Recalculated the center of gravity of each cargo (more individual behavior of the whole rig)

  • Controls to adjust trailer stability in options

  • Improve collisions of player's truck and AI vehicles

  • Re-created all scratch and crash sounds in the game

  • Equalized the sound volume of in-cabin engine sounds and external engine sounds for all trucks

  • More realistic timing for the air brake sound

  • Retarder indicator is lit during automatic retarder usage

  • Ability to sell a garage

  • Ability to relocate your headquarters to another city

Shaun Prescott

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