Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets into the seasonal spirit with new update

Ets2_xmas_event_blog_001 (1)

Don't let the reindeers and sleigh fool you: Santa is essentially a glorified trucker. As such, it makes sense that virtual truckers get in on his action. A new Christmassy update has landed for Euro Truck Simulator 2, and with it, a new challenge for would-be gift deliverers.

Top of the billing is the Christmas event. Truckists can now accept a cargo of "Christmas Gifts" to be ferried around the game's truncated Europe. If a player can, over the course of the event, deliver gifts across the distance from SCS's office to the North Pole, they'll be rewarded with a unique paint skin.

Also with the update: new fixes and features, including showroom improvements, driving tweaks and, most importantly of all, new sounds for Scania 6 cylinder engines. Game changer. You can see the full patch notes here.

Update aside, I'm writing this more to remind people that Euro Truck Simulator 2 exists and is still surprisingly brilliant. In a year of comedy simulators, it's nice to remember that serious sims can still be a lot of fun.

Outside of Europe, SCS are making progress with the upcoming American Truck Simulator. You can see some of the latest screenshots over at the ETS2 Steam page.

Phil Savage

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