ESL will hold its first-ever Fortnite tournament at IEM Katowice 2019

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2019, ESL's "flagship event," will host a two-weekend Fortnite tournament that will have 200 of the world's top players and influencers doing battle for a combined prize pool of $600,000. 

“Fortnite is a global game, and there are amazing, passionate players all around the globe,” Epic Games esports manager Rob Hodson said. “Partnering with ESL in Katowice gives us the chance to showcase some of these incredible international competitors.”

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The first weekend of competition, running February 23-24, will feature the top 100 Polish players and influencers—Katowice is in Poland, remember—vying for a slice of a $100,000 prize pool. The $500,000 International Edition will take place the following weekend, March 1-3. Both events will be streamed live for the benefit of those who want to watch but aren't going to be in the neighborhood at the appropriate times. Those who are will also have the opportunity to play Fortnite on the scene, and possibly win some prizes, in free-to-play competitions.

These are the duos who have put their names on the sign-up sheet so far: 

  • 72hrs - Chap
  • 7ssk7 - Jamside
  • Bizzle - Dmo
  • Boyerxd - Crippa
  • Domentos - Fwexy
  • Hoopek - Sk1x
  • Issa - Kamo
  • Kinstaar - Hunter
  • Magin - Juganza
  • Mirwana - Inclyde
  • Mitr0 - Khuna
  • Motor - ErycTriceps
  • Nate Hill - FunkBomb
  • RazZzero0o - x8
  • Saf - Zayt
  • Sak0ner - Skram
  • Skite - Vato
  • Taiovsky - Nero
  • Teeqzy - Mushway
  • Tfue - Cloak
  • TheVic - Blaxou
  • Vivid - Poach
  • ZexRow - Vinny1x

"Fans from all over the world know our Katowice event and bringing Fortnite as one of the world’s largest games to them feels like a great fit," ESL chief product officer Sebastian Weishaar said.   

More "big name" participants and other event details will be announced over the coming weeks. Details about IEM Katowice 2019—which, by the way, is also the home of a $1 million CS:GO Major Championship—is available at

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