Escape Goat 2 busts back into prison this September

MagicalTimeBean's sequel to their demonic puzzle platformer was announced way back in January , but the wait is finally (nearly) over. As the website bleats, Escape Goat 2 will be out September 10th, and like all good goat-based games it will be DRM-free. Since we last looked, some new details and a trailer have come to light - you'll find them beneath the devious puzzle I like to call 'the break'.

First here's the trailer, which shows off the game's splendid new art style:

After breaking out of the Prison of Agnus in the first game, the sequel sees you busting into a new stronghold, on a rescue mission to recover a bunch of sheep that have willingly given up their freedom. Yes. If you played the original, you'll be pleased to hear that the mouse and the magic hat are both back, along with a level editor (this was previously up in the air, but will now likely be added for free in an early patch). New features include a "new world map layout with branching pathways and secret routes", and "new gadgets including one-way doors, chain-driven elevators, movable switches and more". It's looking rather splendid, as you can see.

Thanks, IndieGames .

Tom Sykes

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