Escape Goat 2 announced: new puzzles, a new art style, same goat (presumably)

Devilishly entertaining puzzle-platformer Escape Goat is going to receive a sequel, as revealed to those fine folks over on Indie Statik . While the fundamentals - solve single-screen puzzle rooms as a platforming goat and its adorable mouse sidekick - will largely remain the same, the graphics are getting a complete overhaul, thanks to artist Randy O'Connor (who worked on Waking Mars).

While the first game had a level editor, MagicalTimeBean's Ian Stocker is still pondering whether or not to include one this time. As he explains in the announcement's accompanying interview: "This is yet to be decided, since something like this could delay the release by over a month. It's possible that it will be added after launch if I don't have time to get it into version 1.0. I'd really like something like this, because there are some amazing user-created levels for EG1, but I bet most players don't know where to find them (hint: my forum at )."

Aside from the new art style, additional hats are a shoe-in (well, a hat-in), seemingly as a companion to the current 'magic hat' power-up, which allows the goat and the mouse to swap places. Escape Goat 2 is expected to be finished sometime this year, and if you've never played the original, here's what you've been missing out on:

Tom Sykes

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