Epigenesis trailer shows the hazardous side of the Make Something Unreal winner


Some sports are called off because of a bit of rain. Epigenesis - the Make Something Unreal winning FPS eSport from Dead Shark Triplepunch - happily survives thunder, tornadoes and giant plants encroaching across the arena's floating platforms. So we can say with some confidence that its more hardcore than cricket.

This latest trailer lets you see its many hazards in effect. Ten-yard twister trick-shot anyone?

The teams are fighting to shoot the ball into their opponents net, with successful shots awarding a seed with which a team can claim platforms, building toward their opponents end zone and granting them the overall victory.

With the MSU2013 win secured, the developers are now working towards a retail release. So far, no release date has been announced. You can read Marsh's hands-on impressions with Epigenesis as part of his Make Something Unreal round-up .

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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