Epic's PC-exclusive Fortnite opens alpha registration

We are fast approaching the first wave of Unreal Engine 4 releases, but so far we've seen very little of Epic Games' showcase for the engine, Fortnite . Today, Epic revealed a couple more details about it, and invited players to sign up to an upcoming Alpha test.

The news comes via Game Informer , which will feature Fornite on the cover of its May issue. The publication confirms that the PC-exclusive title will be free-to-play. If you sign up for the alpha, you'll also notice that you'll have to answer a few questions that pertain to your free-to-play habits, with direct references to League of Legends.

In fact, the questionnaire mentions League of Legends in a few places, along with Call of Duty and Minecraft . From what we know, Fortnite is very much a mix of all those games. It's a cooperative builder-shooter with RPG elements in which you'll build defenses while the sun shines and defend it at all costs when night falls. It continues to look interesting, especially since it's such a stylistic departure for Epic Games.

If you're interested, you should sign up for the alpha on the game's official site .