Epic reflects on Fortnite alpha; shows off impressive user creations

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Epic Games has just wrapped up the first Alpha testing period for Fortnite, and it appears the game's in pretty good shape. The studio reports that no huge, game changing problems emerged, with tweaks to the user interface and "the availability of traps" cited, as well as connectivity fixes.

"The biggest change we made was to the hours that the game was available," the blog post reads. "We heard many requests from fans in different timezones to allow more flexibility in Alpha hours, so we updated the game shortly after the Alpha began to expand those hours." If conflicting timezones are among the biggest problems in your Alpha, then it's safe to say you're doing a good job.

The studio also ran a competition for the most impressive in-game creation, with that image at the top showing the FlippinPony’s prizewinning entry. Another Alpha will run in the coming months boasting new game systems, features, enemies, weapons and more. You can sign up here.

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