Epic is enabling glider re-deploys in all Fortnite game modes

In a short developer blog, Epic announced that it will be bringing the ability to re-deploy the glider to all game modes. That's all game modes, yep: Squads, Duos, Solos, the whole deal. The mechanic was introduced in Soaring 50s, a 50v50 mode that let players pop their glider from nearly any height. It's a great way to play the otherwise messy mode, as getting to the action can take some time if you happen to choose a poor landing position. The change will arrive with update v6.20, the mysterious and spooky Fortnitemares event and the (please let it end) conclusion of The Cube Stuff

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Re-deploying your glider won't be as simple in Solos, Duos, or Squads though. You'll need to be at least three stories high as measured by the height of building materials in order to pop the chute again. Epic says the test will only run for a week, too, so if you're near tears with the news, this isn't necessarily going to be a permanent change. 

Personally, I'm all for these mad experiments. For me, Fortnite is all about reacting to the variables in play, and if glider re-deployment is on the menu this week, so be it. No doubt it will upset the usual playstyles, essentially eliminating fall damage, but now players might have more incentive to pull off those ridiculous build battles they've mourned for since Season 6: The Season of Spray. Plus, coupled with all the recent map and item additions that allow for more frequent, faster ways to get around, I'm intensely curious to see what such a mobile version of Fortnite plays like.

And if it sucks, that's fine too. Epic can turn it off next week and resume business as normal.

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