Enermax launches a pair of full-coverage liquid coolers for Threadripper

As AMD's Threadripper rolls into view, expect to see companies come out with brand new cooling solutions built specifically for socket TR4 setups. Enermax is one of them—it just announced two new all-in-one liquid coolers for Threadripper.

The company's new Liqtech TR4 coolers are custom-made for AMD's socket TR4. Available with either a 240mm radiator or 360mm radiator, both versions sport a large water block that Enermax says is capable of keeping heavily overclocked systems cool.

"Liqtech TR4 liquid coolers can deliver extremely high TDP of 500W+; this cooling solution can easily handle a large amount of heat generated by the overclocked CPUs," Enermax claims. "To maximize the cooling performance, Liqtech TR4 adopts the patented SCT design; the SCT can prevent the formation of the boundary layer and enhances the liquid flow inside the cold plate, which helps reduce the formation of hot spots."

These coolers also come with a new pump design with a high flow rate of up to 450 L/h, along with high pressure fans, 400mm weaved tubing, and anti-vibration rubber pads to keep things quiet.

It's worth reminding that Threadripper CPUs come with an Asetek water block adapter. Where Enermax's coolers might have an advantage is by offering full coverage of the IHS, which could lead to lower temperatures and more overclocking headroom. At least that is the case in theory—we haven't tested Enermax's new coolers yet. In the meantime, here's an installation video featuring these new coolers (looks pretty straightforward).

Enermax says its Liqtech TR4 coolers will be available later this month. Pricing will be $130 for the 240mm model, and $150 for the 360mm kit.

Paul Lilly

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