Emily Is Away Too release date set for this month

Emily Is Away Too is Kyle Seeley's indirect and more sophisticated (but only just) follow-up to 2015's Emily Is Away. Said to be eight times bigger than its forerunner, this one is set in 2006 and is designed to recapture the age of Instant Messenger—when YouTube and Facebook were credulous newcomers. Earlier this year its creator suggested a May launch was likely, and we now have a hard release date: May 26. 

"Emily is Away Too is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed original," says Seeley. "Message both Emily and Evelyn as you determine the outcome of your senior year. Extend the story past the chat window with youtube links, facebook profiles and file transfers. And most importantly, change your text color to lime green so everyone knows you're the coolest kid in school."

Sound familiar? Let this trailer will transport you back in time:

Again expanding on its predecessor, Emily Is Away Too is said to have "multiple" endings tied to the choices you make in-game. Likewise, IM conversations have branching narratives—all of which are enveloped by a heartwarming/slightly depressing (has it really been that long?) mid-2000's aesthetic. 

Emily Is Away Too is due May 26 when it'll cost £2.99/$4.99. Check out its official site and Steam page for more information.