Emily is Away Too release window revealed alongside nostalgia-driven trailer

After being teased last October, Kyle Seeley's follow-up to free game Emily is Away—the aptly named Emily is Away Too—is due at some stage this May. To mark the occasion, the nostalgia-leaning client-based chat room sim has launched a new gameplay trailer. 

Remembering a time "before Facebook and Skype, when Windows XP was the next big thing and AIM was king", Emily is Away tasks players with wooing the titular Emily character by way of instant messenger, awkward teen/adolescent conversion, and dialogue decision-based branching narratives. 

Emily is Away Too is a natural progression of the conceit, set several years down the line in the dawning years of social media, with more characters, more ways to generate relationships, and more ways to recall your misspent youth.  

Over to that trailer: 

According to creator Kyle Seeley, Emily is Away Too will be around eight times larger than its forerunner, and will include new mechanics such as file transfers directly to your desktop, hyperlinks that allow players to venture beyond the instant messenger chat window, and a "number of different endings" for players to reach. 

I found the first Emily is Away to be not only endearing and engaging, but also a wonderful portrayal of life pre-Google, Facebook and Twitter. It's free if you'd like to give it a bash before Emily is Away too lands in May, 2017 on Steam and Itch.