Else Heart.Break() is out; here's a launch trailer

else heartbreak

We've mentioned coding-focused adventure game Else Heart.Break() a few times on PC Gamer, so it only seems fair to tell you that, hey, it's just come out. It's out on Steam, on GOG, and on the Humble Store, and you can still save a few bob if you buy it within the next few days.

What exactly is Else Heart.Break()? And is there a handy way to remember how to punctuate it? No is the answer to the second question, but as for the first, it's a game about a coder named Sebastian who's able to hack the colourful city environment around him. The colourful city environment around him looks a lot like a PS1 game, only in higher resolution and with fewer platforming geckos voiced by Leslie Phillips.

I mean, I'm sad about the second part, but the PS1's low poly look was great.

The devs say that Else Heart.Break() is a "reimagination of the adventure game – a fantastic story set in a fully dynamic and interactive world. Instead of rigid puzzles you will learn (with the help from other characters in the game) how the reality of the game can be changed through programming and how any problem can be solved in whatever way you find suitable."

Tom Sykes

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