How to complete Rya's quest in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Rya quest
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The Elden Ring Rya quest is relatively short and doesn't have as many steps as some of the other NPC quests. That said, there are a couple of places where you might be wondering how to continue with her story, and there's a choice to be made right at the end that might have you scratching your head.

You can meet Rya as soon as you arrive in Liurnia of the Lakes, though this step doesn't seem to be required to complete her questline. Her story will take you into one of the later areas, so don't expect to finish this quest quickly if you're just starting out on your journey in the Lands Between. Here's how to complete the Elden Ring Rya quest and the consequences of the choice you need to make at the end.

Elden Ring Rya quest summary 

Here's a breakdown of the steps involving Rya, though the first four are optional and aren't required to complete the latter part of the questline: 

  • Meet Rya in Liurnia of the Lakes and she'll tell you she's lost a necklace.
  • Retrieve the item from Blackguard, Big Boggart, to the north.
  • Return the necklace and she'll give you a Volcano Manor invitation.
  • When you reach Altus Plateau, talk to Rya to teleport to Volcano Manor.
  • Talk to Rya after completing the first assassination for Tanith.
  • Visit the Prison Town Church via the secret passage and return to Rya.
  • Retrieve the Serpent's Amnion from the Godskin Noble and give it to Rya.
  • Find Rya in the Volcano Manor dungeon to be given a choice.

It's also worth noting that killing Rykard before speaking to her in the dungeon will prevent you from completing her quest. 

Volcano Manor

Rya's location in Liurnia of the Lakes. (Image credit: From Software)

Elden Ring Rya quest: How to get to Volcano Manor 

The majority of Rya's quest takes place at Volcano Manor, though you can meet her before that if you choose. She can be found at a stone structure, to the northwest of the Laskyar Ruins Site of Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes. Completing a task for her here offers you a quick way of reaching the manor early, and without the need to kill any bosses.

While the following steps will get you to the manor quickly, they're not required for the main part of Rya's questline:

  • Speak to Rya and she'll ask you to retrieve a necklace. 
  • Head northwest to find the Boilprawn Shack Site of Grace.
  • Talk to the NPC sitting outside and he'll mention the necklace. 
  • Either buy the necklace with runes or kill him to loot it. 
  • Head back to Rya and hand over the necklace and she'll give you the Volcano Manor Invitation.
  • Meet her again at Altus Plateau and she'll teleport you to Volcano Manor.

Once you arrive at Volcano Manor and speak with Tanith, you can find Rya in the drawing room.  

Temple of Eiglay

Godskin Noble location. (Image credit: From Software)

How to get to the Temple of Eiglay 

Once you've told Rya about the "dark side of the manor" and exhausted her dialogue, you need to acquire an item to continue. The Godskin Noble boss at the Temple of Eiglay drops the Serpent's Amnion.

From the Prison Town Church Site of Grace, head out the main doors and head right, following the path that leads back down the side of the church building. When you near the wall at the end, a Lesser Abductor Virgin will appear from the right, but you want to take the path to the left.

Follow the road downslope and pass between the winged statues at the bottom, and head towards the building at the end with a serpent enemy standing in the doorway. Go right around the side of the building and climb the ladder directly ahead of you. At the top, turn left, run over the rooftop, and drop down onto the narrow balcony at the top. Follow the path, then turn right where it opens up and go through the double doors.

Head up the steps, then take a left and proceed through the next door, then look for the stairs leading down to your right. Once you're at the bottom, take the door on your left and follow the corridor past a hanging enemy. There's a big doorway ahead of you—which is where you're heading—but if you go through the door on the right side of the room, you'll find the Guest Hall Site of Grace.

Once you've opened the double doors, drop down onto the lava-free section below. Now jump across to the safe area on your right, then head along the left side of the building until you reach the bottom of a set of stairs—an illuminated lamp is right next to them. Run up the stairs and follow the path around until you reach an area with a load of hanging cages. There's a tiny elevator cage on the opposite side. Stand on the pressure pad inside to ascend.

You can head up the stairs ahead and into the church to find the Godskin Noble miniboss. This is the same boss you might have met at the Divine Tower of Liurnia bridge, though here, you can use the pillars to your advantage to block some of its attacks. Once you've defeated it, you'll receive the Serpent's Amnion. Activate the Site of Grace here, then return to Volcano Manor and give the item to Rya. 

Rya's hiding place

Tanith in Volcano Manor. (Image credit: From Software)

Where to find Rya in the Volcano Manor dungeon 

Reload the area and you'll notice that Rya has disappeared. You can speak to Tanith here to get the Tonic of Forgetfulness. Now it's time to find Rya.

Head to the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace which you should've activated after defeating the Godskin Noble. There's an elevator outside the door on the north side of the church but it's out of operation for now. Instead, use the elevator just to the right of the Site of Grace. When you reach the top, follow the corridor out onto a balcony. You should spot a small lake of lava below and you can hop over the barricade to land on safe ground to the right of it.

Follow this around, cross the narrow rock bridge filled with fire slugs, and then drop down to the left, just before you reach the corpse with an item. Take the narrow path around and up until you reach a huge lava lake and navigate your way across to the building ahead, to the west. A lesser Abductor Virgin will show up here but you can dodge past it and make your way around to the right of the building and through an open window there.

Open the door to head back outside again and make your way past a serpent enemy and up the stairs to the right. Head through the door on your left when you reach the room at the top, then use the elevator to head down but be ready to hop out through the door directly below. Pass through the window on the far side of the room, being mindful of the lava. Rya is in a room in the building directly opposite. Hop across the lava and turn to your left to find the door.


Elden Ring Rya choice 

If you picked up the tonic from Tanith, you're given a choice when you speak to Rya:

If you choose to give Tonic of Forgetfulness, you can return to the manor and tell Tanith what you did for some extra dialogue. Once you go and defeat Rykard and return to the manor (when everyone's left) Rya will be at her original spot in the drawing room. Speak to her then reload the area to find the Daedicar's Woe talisman where she was standing.

If you don't give her the tonic, return to her hiding spot after killing Rykard and talk to her again. Refuse to give the tonic a second time, then reload the area. Rya will have disappeared but you can find Zorayas's Letter item and the Daedicar's Woe talisman where she was.

There is a third option, which is to kill her. Doing so means you can loot the Daedicar's Woe talisman from her body.

Obviously, the choice is up to you but the second option seems like the best choice here. You get the talisman whatever you do, but not giving her the tonic means you also get the letter. 

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