Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her will livestream 1,000th Malenia victory tomorrow

Let Me Solo Her became Elden Ring's first legendary player last month: A hero-for-hire who drops the hammer on Malenia, the game's toughest boss, on behalf of other players. They've left a lot of dead bodies in their wake in the month since the murder spree began, and on May 10—tomorrow night—they're looking to put down Malenia number 1,000 in a livestream on YouTube.

"Hello guys, I am reaching almost 1000 Malenia kills and plan to stream this feat live on my youtube channel," Let Me Solo Her, aka KleinTsuboiOW, announced on Reddit. "I hope to meet some of you guys there!"

The big milestone apparently won't signal the end of Let Me Solo Her's vigilantism, but Malenia might at least get a break from the beatdowns: KleinTsuboiOW said in late April that they don't plan on stopping anytime soon, but more recently indicated that they might switch to a new target if a suitable one presents itself.

"I sure hope a DLC will come through, and see what Mr. Miyazaki brings up this time," they wrote. "Back in Dark Souls 3 I was captivated by a summon who solo'd Darkeater Midir for me and wanted to be like him one day, and here we are. I hope I love the DLC boss enough to learn their moveset the same as Malenia."

It goes without saying that Let Me Solo Her is exceptionally good at what they do. Not only do they smoke Malenia with relative ease (I worry that when I eventually face her, it will take me 1,000 tries to kill her once), they do so effectively naked: Their only armor, aside from the mandatory minimum sketchy skivvies, is a big pot on their head. If you'd like more of that look in your life, you can actually make LMSH an on-demand companion of sorts with this Spirit Ash clone mod—although you'll have to drop a few bucks to do it.

The livestream of the 1,000th murder of Melania is set to begin at 5 pm CST (3 pm PT/6 pm ET) on May 10, and will be viewable on KleinTsuboiOW's YouTube channel.


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