Earn an epic Overwatch skin and more in Symmetra's Restoration Challenge

Symmetra's Restoration Challenge
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Blizzard released a new Overwatch short story yesterday called Stone by Stone that reveals more about Symmetra's past and her first encounter with Zenyatta. As the story begins, she's sent in to avert a PR disaster after the Vishkar Corporation accidentally destroys a sacred statue of Aurora, the first sentient Omnic—but she soon finds herself on a "transcendent journey to find understanding and compassion within," after she accepts an invitation from Zenyatta to stay at the temple and learn more about the Omnic faith.

Today it unveiled a new associated event, Symmetra's Restoration Challenge, that gives players the opportunity to earn new sprays, a player icon, and the Marammat Symmetra epic skin. The formula is basically the same as what we've seen in previous events like this, most recently Tracer's Comic Challenge: Win three games in Quick Play, Competitive, or the Arcade, and you'll get the player icon; win six games, and a new spray is yours; make it to nine, and voila, you've got the epic skin.

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More sprays can be earned by watching Overwatch streamers on Twitch: Two hours (cumulative, not consecutive) for one, four hours for two, and six hours for three new sprays. You'll need to have your Blizzard and Twitch accounts linked in order to receive those rewards—if you haven't already taken care of it, you can do so here.

Symmetra's Restoration Challenge is live now and runs until November 30. Details are up at playoverwatch.com, and you can lay eyes on the new loot below.

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