EA, you've created a time paradox! Dead Space's pre-order bonus is Dead Space 2

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In the great sci-fi survival horror game-off of the early 2020s, The Callisto Protocol (opens in new tab) has already shown its cards, leaving the Dead Space Remake to decide which one gets to be A Bug's Life, and who's stuck being Antz (or vice versa, if you're an Antz fan.) The Dead Space Remake does have a new advantage, however, as pointed out by Rock Paper Shotgun (opens in new tab): all pre-orders of the Dead Space Remake now come with a free copy of Dead Space 2 that unlocks with the Remake's launch on January 27.

In our review of Dead Space 2 (opens in new tab) from 2011, Dan Stapleton concluded that "Dead Space 2 doesn't try to innovate, but it's a highly polished gameplay experience," and awarded the game an enviable 87%. Dead Space 2 is included on EA Play these days, and otherwise goes for $20 when not on sale, so this pre-order bonus is a pretty decent deal, all things considered.

Including a game's own sequel as its pre order bonus feels a little silly to me, like the absurd logical conclusion of remake-mania, but it's still a pretty enticing addition. This move does make me wonder just what EA's plans for the future of Dead Space will be, provided the Dead Space Remake sells well enough. Did Dead Space 3 leave the series in a particularly good place for a continuation, or is Dead Space 2 just begging for 4K textures and ray traced lighting? Would a new reboot continuity, a la Final Fantasy 7, make more sense going forward?

Whatever the far future may hold, the Dead Space Remake and its sequel pack-in bonus arrive January 27. If you're looking for more in-depth coverage of the Dead Space Remake to inform your purchase, check out our hands-on preview (opens in new tab) from back in October.

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