EA reveals its new Skate studio, Full Circle

A skateboarder performs a grab trick in the air.
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Skate is back! But Skate is also a long, long way away, with EA only last year announcing that it was returning to the low-angle kickflipping sim. Now, at least, we know who'll be making it, as the publisher announces its new Skate development team Full Circle.

Headed up by former Xbox Live general manager Daniel McCulloch, Full Circle is EA's new Vancouver-based Skate studio. Creative leadership of the series has been handed to Deran Chun and Chris "Cuz" Parry, a duo the publisher claim were "integral to the creation of the franchise and the development of all three original games".

Skate 4 (or whatever EA decides to call it) is still a long ways off, and it's too early to tell what form it'll take. Full Circle's website is currently hiring for dozens of positions across management and development. No word on whether they need mocap actors who can pull off a solidly mediocre ollie, I'm afraid. That's my plans scuppered. 

Fortunately, skating games are having a bit of a renaissance right now—whether it's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2's incredible nostalgic throwback, or modders turning Skater XL into their dream skate game. Looking forwards, I'm in love with Skate Story's otherworldly street sessions, while Skatebird looks a delightfully fun reinvention of the Tony Hawk's format.

It's been a long time since EA hit the ramps, and Full Circle is gonna have to break out some sick moves if it's gonna dominate this park.

Natalie Clayton
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