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EA extends Battlefield Hardline beta by a week

I said yesterday that EA hadn't announced an ending date for the Battlefield Hardline beta. Now it has, and it turns out players are getting a full week longer with the game than they'd originally been meant to.

The extension of the beta is good news for a couple of reasons. One, you get to keep playing for an extra week, and two, it means the game isn't such an irredeemable train wreck that it needs to be shut down now, before too many people see it. And because the beta switched from "closed" to "open" for PC players yesterday, there's still plenty of time to get in on the crime-fighting (or crime-doing) action.

For those of you who don't have a PC but are reading PC Gamer anyway for some reason, EA also confirmed that a full-on open beta for all platforms will take place in the fall, prior to the game's October 21 release. Signups for the current beta phase remain open at; the curtain falls at noon PST on June 26.

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