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Battlefield Hardline beta now open to all PC gamers

It seems like only a week ago that the Battlefield Hardline beta was a closed affair , accessible to only the most fortunate and well-connected of the world's virtual warriors. And you know what? It was only a week ago, roughly, but that doesn't matter anymore, because those doors have now swung wide open. Want in? All you have to do is sign up.

Electronic Arts announced earlier this afternoon that PC gamers now have "instant access" to the Hardline beta, which also includes a number of "beta rewards": a Hardline weapon camo/skin and sight (when the full game launches), a unique Battlefield 4 dog tag and additional Hardline content. Furthermore, if you reach Rank 10 in the beta you'll be given a special backpack at launch, and enabling Facebook sharing will earn $1000 in-game cash that can be used to purchase weapons and equipment.

If you go to the signup page , you'll notice that it still refers to a "closed beta," but as long as you select the PC as your platform of choice, you're in. EA hasn't said how long the beta will last, but Battlefield Hardline is slated to come out on October 21.

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