E3 2017 schedule: where to watch all the press conferences

E3 is here. Starting this Saturday, we'll be ping-ponging between press conferences and events and booths to see what's ahead for us in the next couple years. If you're one of the 15,000 people who bought a public ticket to E3, check out our practical tips for getting through the show.

But if you're at home, you can watch all the best bits online. Here's a list of every press conference (except Nintendo's, but if you want to know, here it is), when it starts, and how to watch it. Those on the PC Gamer team who aren't in LA will be watching along too. See you in Twitch chat!


Electronic Arts — 12 PM Pacific

EA isn't technically joining the E3 press conference lineup, instead having its own event in Hollywood, EA Play, with a conference on Saturday. We expect to see a lot of Battlefront 2, and maybe a peek at Visceral's Star Wars game, along with BioWare's new game. The usual sports line up will be there too, of course. You can watch the show on EA's Twitch and YouTube channels.


Microsoft — 2 pm Pacific

Microsoft's conferences always focus on the Xbox, and we'll see a ton of Scorpion stuff, but these days, every game that comes to Xbox comes to Windows 10, too—even if they don't always say so at their conference. We should get a good look at Sea of Thieves this year, and hopefully a few surprises.  You can watch the show on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, as well as other platforms.

Bethesda — 9 pm Pacific

We have little doubt that Bethesda will show us a new Wolfenstein and a new Evil Within, but we're really not sure what else it might have up its sleeve. There's a rumor that a game called Starfield might appear, but it's thin. We'll just have to wait and see. You can watch Bethesda's show on Twitch.

Devolver Digital — 10 pm Pacific

Devolver takes the late night spot with a 10 pm show which will be broadcast on Twitch.


The PC Gaming Show — 10:00 am Pacific

That's us! You can expect game demos, new trailers, chats with devs, and some new announcements—including a big one from Firaxis and a new game from Klei. There's lots we haven't announced, so tune in on Twitch, Facebook, Mixer, or, for the first time ever, on Steam.

For live audio translations (Deutsch, Español, ру́сский язы́к, 中文) visit pcgamingshow.com and select your language preference below the livestream. 

Ubisoft — 1:00 pm Pacific

Ubisoft will of course show off its new Assassin's Creed, which we already know a lot about assuming the leaks are accurate, as well as Far Cry 5, South Park, and possibly The Crew 2. If there's a surprise game, it might be the space game teased in Watch Dogs 2. Ubisoft's show will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube.

Sony — 6:00 pm Pacific

Sony spends a lot of time on its console exclusives, but here and there we see an indie game it's picked up which is coming to PlayStation and PC—usually without announcing the PC part of things. We may see a little Red Dead Redemption 2, and if the recent leak turns out to be true, a new Bully. We don't know for sure if either will come to PC, but it seems likely, given Rockstar's history of (slowly) releasing PC ports. We do know Destiny 2 is coming to PC though. You can watch Sony's show on Twitch and YouTube.