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E3 2011: Batman: Arkham City screenshots show Riddler, Batman, blimps

Batman Arkham City - flying batkick to face ... lol

Rocksteady have released some more superb screenshots of Batman: Arkham City, showing the Dark Knight taking on a wide variety of uglified goons. it's good to see Bats back in action after the recent rush of Catwoman information. In fact, Warner Brothers have told CVG that while Catwoman will be playable in Arkham City, it'll only be for about ten percent of the game. Her sections will pop up intermittently, and interweave with Batman's adventure.

The game will also have the Penguin, who is apparently a cockney geezer now. We'll have more on that when we see the game. Until then, 'ave a gander at the screens below, guv'nor. There's a piccy of The Riddler an' all.

Tom Senior
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