Dynasty Warriors 9 will be out in February

Dynasty Warriors 9, the open-world "rebirth" of the series that was confirmed for the PC earlier this year, will be out on February 13, 2018. Koei Tecmo revealed the release date today along with details about the "empire-worthy" preorder bonus. 

Players who purchase the game in advance will be given seven bonus costumes "for fan-favorite characters," including "an imposing Beijing opera-style costume for Zhao Yun and six costumes inspired by traditional Chinese undergarment styles – one each for Guan Yinping, Diaochan, Sun Shangxiang, Lu Lingqi, Wang Yi, and Wang Yuanji." I'll be honest, I have no idea who the fan-favorite characters actually are, so I'll just have to take Tecmo's word for it. 

More information about Dynasty Warriors 9, which brings "the 'one vs. thousands' exhilarating action of the Warriors series and the beloved characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms tale" together in an open-world rendition of China, is available at koeitecmoamerica.com. There are also some fresh screens showing the promised preorder outfits below.

Andy Chalk

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