Dying Light's free 'Content Drop #4' is a new Prison Heist mode

Dying Light continues its 10in12 loyalty bonus initiative with Content Drop #4 and Content Drop #5. So far, the free-stuff-for-playing run has given us weapons, attachments and community events. Number four, on the other hand, brings with it a new mode named Prison Heist. 

Designed for seasoned zombie killers, players are set loose on Prison Island—"the most isolated part of Harran"—and are tasked with breaking into an armoury against the clock. In either solo or with pals in co-op, the faster you get the job done the better the reward. 

As you might expect, though, there are a fair few brain munchers who've positioned themselves between you and the loot. Getting there quickly, or at least in one piece, might be easier said than done. 

Here's some of that in practice:

Elsewhere, Dying Light's Content Drop #5 introduces Sgt. Deathrow—"a previously unknown Demolisher mutation"—to its bounds. Billed as "bigger, stronger, and more unpredictable", taking down this monstrosity nets you a "monster shot of experience points", so says Techland here.  

In the spirit of Easter, Harran Egg Hunt has players chasing a zombified Easter Bunny and collecting eggs in a bid to unlock an Easter outfit. It runs through April 3—more information can found this way. Who says we're losing sight of the meaning of religious holidays? 

As for the Prison Heist mode, Techlands says: "And for now, we strongly recommend getting good at Prison Heist—it might come in handy soon…" I wonder what's in store.  

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