Dying Light season pass will include missions, maps, and a new mode

Dying Light

Techland has revealed that it will offer a season pass for its zombie survival game Dying Light. The pass will cover three DLC packs featuring new missions, weapons, skins, and a competitive game mode.

An image on the GameStop Google Plus page says the season pass will include "The Bozak Horde", which has a new map and gameplay mode, the "Ultimate Survivor Bundle" of new outfits and weapons, and "Cuisine and Cargo," which brings new hardcore zones.

It isn't currently listed for sale on the GameStop website, however, and the Steam entry isn't much more informative: "This Season Pass will bring you three exciting DLC packs. Put your skills to the ultimate test in the exclusive Cuisine & Cargo challenge missions, get your hands on additional weapons and skins, and take part in The Zombie Games - a brand-new competitive game mode." Techland tweeted to confirm the season pass but hasn't detailed exactly what it will include.

The Dying Light season pass normally goes for $20 but it can be had prior to January 2 for $12. It's also included as part of the Dying Light Ultimate Edition, although by all appearances that's just Dying Light and the season pass mashed together for the same price as buying them separately. Dying Light comes out on January 27.

Andy Chalk

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