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Dying Light editor updates announced, mod competition launched

Pixel Boost - Dying Light - 05

A couple of weeks ago, Techland released the developer tools for Dying Light—letting anybody with the skill and inclination craft new missions and maps. It's already yielded results, and you can now download parkour test chambers, an asteroid assault course and more. To further help modders, the studio has announced some upcoming features for the editor.

Upcoming features include a terrain creation and editing, custom model importing and multiplayer support. In all, it sounds like the tool is being shaped into something incredibly flexible.

To encourage folks to give it a go, Techland has also announced a competition. Anyone who uploads an openly available map before May 11 has a chance to win a GTX 980 graphics card, or some Dying Light tat. You can find competition details over at the game's official site.

Phil Savage
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