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Overwatch hero D.Va is becoming a StarCraft 2 announcer

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The wheels of speculation started turning yesterday following a tease-tweet from the official StarCraft account of an image that most people in the know immediately connected with the rabbit logo of the mech-riding Overwatch hero D.Va. Sure enough, Blizzard confirmed today that the fictional former pro gamer will soon be coming to StarCraft 2 as a new announcer, and also in a portrait that will be exclusive for BlizzCon attendees. 

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D.Va will be "the first announcer whose origins lie outside the realm of StarCraft II lore," Blizzard said, although she's very much connected to it. In the world of Overwatch, she became the top-ranked StarCraft pro player in the world at age 16, went on a three-year undefeated streak, and became a much-loved esports superstar prior to joining Overwatch.   

The D.Va announcer will be available for purchase "at a later date," but the portrait will be exclusive to those who attend BlizzCon or catch the action by way of a virtual ticket. You can get a taste of her game-calling style by way of a dozen sample clips posted at

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