Duke Nukem goes back in time with the Platformer Pack


Duke Nukem may have awoken from his booze-induced, 14-year hibernation not too long ago, but it's important we remember the past—back when Mr. Nukem was slim enough to fit into his 2D pants and had multiple packs of bubble gum tucked away. Well, that history lesson just became a little easier to revisit as 3D Realms has released Duke Nukem 1, 2 and the Manhattan Project in what they call the “Platformer Pack” on Steam.

Duke Nukem's old alien-combusting escapades will run you $9.99. Though they appear in the above trailer, it doesn't sound like 3D Realms will send you floppy discs for the first two games. You can buy the games individually in case one of Duke's escapades left a bad taste in your mouth (buying the pack only saves you about two dollars).

There's a notable lack of Duke Nukem 3D in this pack, though I suppose that game doesn't exactly fit the description of a platformer. We wouldn't be surprised to find a pack containing all of the Duke Nukem games once 3D Realms is finished with that lawsuit of theirs.