Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey kickstarter wants your money

"Man of Adventure," Ragnar Tørnquist and Red Thread Thread Games need 850,000 of your dollars to complete the Longest Journey saga. A Kickstarter launched earlier today for Dreamfall Chapters, and has already taken $149,476 in pledges.

Dreamfall Chapters will be a 3D adventure game that promises a "rich, detailed, interactive and living world that mixes a cyberpunk vision of the future with magical fantasy, along with a broken and decaying dreamworld." Expect many returning characters, recurring locations, and sweet release from the grip of Dreamfall's cliff-hanger ending.

As you'd expect, the pitch is firmly aimed at those that have played the first two games. I only made it a few hours into the first one, so much of it is high nonsense to my ears. Red Thread assures that the following questions will be dealt with, however: "What is WatiCorp planning? What are the Dreamers for? Who is the Prophet? What is happening in Arcadia, and how are the Azadi involved? And where in the world is Crow ?"

"The Undreaming is Unchained," as well, but there's no way that sentence can mean anything to anyone.

There are plenty more details on the Kickstarter page, but be warned, it's chock-full of spoilers for the first two games. There's a cryptic trailer and lots of chat from Ragnar in the Kickstarter video, too, which you can watch right here:

Tom Senior

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