Dreamfall Chapters: Book Two out next month

Dreamfall Rebels

How's your day going? Mine is almost entirely booked out by playing with internet wizards. So let's make this brief:

Episodic adventure Dreamfall Chapters is releasing its second chapter, "Rebels," on 10 March.

It's slightly later than planned—the Red Thread team had originally planned to release next week. "The wait between the first two episodes has been longer than expected," writes 'Team RTG'. "This is due to a number of factors, including the massive scope of the second episode — up to 50% bigger than Book One, which took an average of four hours to play through — the technical challenges in building (and bug fixing) a functioning framework for an episodic game, and the very, very long test cycle involved in a choice-and-consequence based game that's now approaching ten hours in length after only two episodes."

The lack of bug testing is given as a reason for the delay—the extra couple of weeks allowing the devs to fix and polish. "We do anticipate a more rapid development process for Book Three, however, which is already well into production. Books Four and Five will arrive later this year, concluding the story of Zoë Castillo, the Dreamer."

Phil Savage

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