Dragon's Dogma is getting a Netflix anime

Netflix has just announced a handful of new anime projects, and among them is "an original anime series" based on Dragon's Dogma. For the uninitiated, Dragon's Dogma is a cult open world RPG originally released in 2012 by Capcom, and directed by Hideaki Itsuno of Devil May Cry fame. It's very good.

Netflix announced that it will partner with Sublimation for the series, with the Representative Director of that company, Atsushi Koishikawa, writing that it's "excited to bring our unique cel-shaded animation that carries hand-drawn textures to anime fans around the world.” 

The short synopsis also casts some light on how the narrative will play out. "Based on a world-famous action RPG set in an open world, Dragon’s Dogma from CAPCOM will be brought to life as a Netflix original anime series. The story follows a man’s journey seeking revenge on a dragon who stole his heart. On his way, the man is brought back to life as an Arisen. An action adventure about a man challenged by demons who represent the seven deadly sins of humans."

For those among us ambivalent towards anime, the news is still exciting: it means  Capcom is invested in the series, pointing to the potential for a sequel. And given that Hideaki Itsuno has just wrapped up Devil May Cry 5, perhaps we'll hear an announcement sooner rather than later? In a recent interview with VG247, Itsuno revealed that it had been his choice to develop DMC 5 over Dragon's Dogma 2, heavily insinuating that the latter comes next.

The Netflix announcement also included some other projects, including Altered Carbon: Resleeved, Spriggan, Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, Vampire in the Garden, and Super Crooks.

Shaun Prescott

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