Dragonica 'log in to win' event giving away €10,000 worth of prizes

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A few weeks ago the Awakening of the Ice Dragon expansion was released for the sidescrolling free-to-play MMO, Dragonica. gpotato.eu are planning to celebrate tomorrow by throwing a 'log in to win' event. By logging in and playing the game on certain dates, you'll be entered into a prize draw. There are €10,000 worth of prizes on offer, including three XPS Dell PCs, wireless keyboards, headsets, mice, and an Alienware laptop. There will be some in-game items like XP boosts up for grabs as well. Read on for details on how to enter.

To be entered into the draw, you have to log into the game for an hour on special dates that will appear on the Dragonica website. Logging in to more than one of these specified dates will enter you into better prize draws. Barunson Interactive say that "the very best prizes will be available for players who log in for one hour on 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 days. These days do not need to be consecutive, and the rewards will get bigger and better the more days a player logs in for." You can sign up to play the game on the the Dragonica site .

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